Circular Calendar for the Year 2014

Circle of the Year 2014

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at the Spitzberg Dhooni / Ganesh-Mandir, Tübingen, South Germany, 03.03.2011

Alpine Chough

OM Namo Narayan!


… this year’s “evening-pooja” (in spring, that is in the morning of the year – as well as in autumn, the year’s evening – there is a 9-day/night period of fasting + meditation with a concluding fire-ceremony as worship of the Universal Mother Goddess) wonderful, this time in a little temple of some loving friendly beings in Offenbach by the river Main …

Well, wouldn’t it be nice to have a place where a little holy fire could be burning continuously and pooja + meditation + music + satsang + inspiration + light’s energy coud keep just flowing at all times …

It is of course also lovely to improvise here + there + everywhere, and somehow people are touched somewhere when they spontaneously find themselves participating in a dance of love with Divinity because a wandering Sadhu crosses their path. This constant wandering though, can at times be a little less practical, especially in winter …


Be it as it may, and however the pilgrimage of life may unfold, however the divine cosmic theater in space and time may develop – may the sun keep shining within the heart always
And may the Divine within the innermost being be greeted
By the Divine within the innermost being